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I am a simple writer, I do much on disability, agribusiness and motivational speaking but I also touch any area that comes to my mind
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the small Christian communities have developed in a way that did not happen as a one time event. this page gives a short historical development of the small Christian communities.
this page talks about some sacred places that many religious people like using and it is good if we get a look so that we have a good understanding.
the catholic church has a number of sacred places of worship, this page talks about some of the common sacred places of worship among the catholics.
this page talks of a short ecclesiology of the small Christian communities, we need to have an idea.
east Africa went through a lot of hard times after the colonial period, and it was important to have people learn about faith life, this page gives a small presentation.
for one to be able to get what it really means to benefit from the small Christian communities, there is need to ensure that they are well facilitated. this page shows the way to facilitate the small Christian communities.
the small Christian communities are a good sign of people coming together to share their experience with God.
this page talks about the types of food that one can eat to either cure or even avoid anxiety.
This page gives a writing on how we can heal or avoid anxiety by the use of homeopathy
aids has socio-economic impacts on children, the society has to know these well so that we maybe be able to help them well.
the children who are affected by aids go through a lot of hard times, when we look around us, we will be able to know that indeed they go through a lot of problems.
this page talks of how aids has affected families in social and economic ways, the disease is known to be a cause of poverty and also a lot of social isolation.
this page talks about the effects of aids and poverty on orphans, many people don't have an idea on how these children suffer after the deaths of their parents.
this page gives a discussion of how one can be pregnant and at the same time suffering from anxiety, the signs and also the way forward is shown here, we can learn from it.
this page talks about when do babies start being fed on different foods other than the mother's milk, we need also need to know what to feed the baby on.
this page talks about how leg pain is a hard time to many pregnant women, women need to be informed a lot so that they will be able to have a peaceful moment during pregnancy.
what many people don't know is the fact that there are some types of foods that are not so good to eat when one is suffering from anxiety, here is a short presentation of the anti-anxiety foods that can be of help
anxiety is one health condition that many people go through but they fail to realize, here is a brief description of the pathophysiology of anxiety that can help us when we really are not sure of what we maybe going through.
children are a blessing from God, this is what the bible says, and here is a story on the same.
this page gives a talk on what the bible says about the experience of street children, it is important to have a view of the scripture on the children.
this page talks about the way children go through hard times when situations force them to move home to the streets. it is not a happy experience.
this page gives a description of how marriage came into existence, it has been a process until now we have different types of marriages.
the society is supposed to make sure that street children, despite all the negative tags they have on them, are living a life that gives them hope for a better tomorrow, we should give them a reason to be happy.
street children should not be despised, we need to embrace them with love and give them hope for the future, some people have a negative attitude towards these kids and this is what stigmatizes them.
this page has a presentation of the statistics of HIV/AIDS, the truth is that it is a disease that is wide spread and the recorded figures are only what is known, there is a lot to be done to come up with an exact figure of the people who are infected with the disease.
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