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I love writing for those willing to read.
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Andrew asked his mother to take him to see the center where she stayed in when she was pregnant
Alessia finds a job and then knows his soul mate in a market. He was a man who went through a separation with his wife.
Alessia, aided by a girl cousin's house, able to go to an address you receive secret
Alessia has prepared luggage and went to Spain to her cousin . It was there , he was sent to do prostitution , and she refused .
Alessia begot him Andrew. His grandfather came to take his grandson home.
Alessia knocked on the doors of state institutions that protect mothers and their children
The story continues. Alessia go to the monastery that once born, give the baby up for adoption
We present some herbal remedies from healer Vanga, the Bulgarian
Torn from the life story continues. Is held the first night of love and Alessia pregnant.
If some of you think you do not "deserve to win the lottery", you'll sabotage yourself, meaning that you will attract circumstances to lose everything. If you want to win, think positively with all my heart.
A love story exposed in several episodes. A young girl falls for a boy go over everything and all but when he learns that she became pregnant, a boy leaves.
We present some herbal remedies from healer Vanga, Bulgaria.
We present a delicious recipe, a fine apple cake and meringue. Easy to make and very tasty.
For all diseases of the liver and gall recommend a drink that has the gift to cleanse and strengthen internal organs.
Who invented molecular gastronomy? The first use of the term molecular gastronomy was held at the International Workshop on Molecular and Physical Gastronomy in Sicily in May 1992.
Spring is the season of beginnings and rebirth. And if you want to fix all the chapters of your life you are failing, there are Feng Shui that removes negative energies and to attract the positive, healing, designed to bring you harmony.
Consciousness is what I can control and make conscious. For example I consciously hungry and eat food. I am aware of that. But who controls digestion? But absorption? What controls the blood that carries nutrients and life force in all parts of my body?
Located in the center of the brain, the pineal gland is to balance the two cerebral hemispheres. It also represents the bridge between physical reality and the energy. By balancing the hemispheres, prevents oscillation to extreme thinking. Pineal chakra color is royal blue.
Some foods have the ability to "reeducate" metabolism because it helps clean the blood and organs of toxins and at the same time bring significant amounts of essential nutrients.
Water is the source of energy. Without water we can not live, has many benefits, so it is advised to drink at least 8 glasses a day
It is essential to offer them our body a "general cleaning". We suggest some simple cures for addiction. Follow one of them and you will regain vitality and zest for life.
Muscular and nervous system tonic, diuretic, depurative, energizing and refreshing apple is helpful in a lot of diseases.
Which may be the motivation for a family wants to adopt a child
I established a code of life that reflects my duties towards the child.
A poem inspired by the desire for friendship and communication of people.
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