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I am a retired individual looking for a writing job to make use of my skills.
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While surfing on the net, I came across this really interesting paranormal and occult blog called All About Occult. it has a very nice collection of articles on mysterious Urban Legends, scary Haunted Locations, psychic, parapsychology and Occult Religions.
A poltergeist is often mistaken as a ghost or spirit wanting to play pranks on the inhabitants of a certain house. This is a common misconception. After reading my article, you will know what a poltergeist really is.
Easy and tasty, yet healthy chicken roasted in Indian spices.
This Half-man half-wolf bloodthirsty monster seems to be afraid of nothing at all! Then why is it scared of silver?
Dear fellow writers, these tips will help you get more views for your Wikinut articles.
Since we were small children, we have heard of werewolf folklore, how they transform into hungry beasts on a full moon night and kill people at will. We have often wondered how these stories have come along or what is the truth behind them. This article will help you know what these w...
With their really scary totally black eyes, Black Eyed Children are the new craze of the era. Read on to know more about these demonic beings
The patients of multiple personality disorder are increasing in number every year. So, it has become necessary for us to be aware of the disease and its consequences.
Apple is one of the most nutritious and healthy fruits ever. However it is often not valued as much as other juicy fruits like orange. my article will convince you that apple is as healthy as, if not healthier, than other fruits.
How do you know if you or your loved one is alcoholic? Here I have listed 5 signs to easily recognise an alcoholic.
Parapsychologists claim that there are aliens who are born on Earth in human form to deliver a special message to the Earthlings.
Honey is widely admired for its health benefits and nutritional properties. To know exactly what these benefits are, read on.
There are many people who are tired of this difficult and sorrowful life on Earth and are in need of tips to be happy in spite of overwhelming reasons to be sad.
Seeing the popularity of my article on the Mary Celeste, I have compiled a list of 3 most bizarre events of the world.
There are several things that happen around us for which we cannot find a logical explanation. This is a some must read and most interesting bizarre event that ever happened, where the whole crew of a merchant ship disappeared without a sign, never to be seen again.
Curd has always been admired for its high nutritional value. Below I have listed some of the benefits of curd.
This will help you know more about the unknown yet not uncommon mental disorder.
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