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I am a Psychology graduate, a soccer and music enthusiast. My writings will focus on family and general welfare.
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Coconut milk is a delicious and nutritious ingredient in many Filipino snacks. Here are two Filipino snacks that I have modified a bit to lessen its calorie content and increase its nutritional benefits.
It's late July and heatwave is now a fact. Take precautions to prevent dehydration and heat stroke especially on young children and elderly persons.
We can make fitness workouts at home effective while time and cost efficient.
It is said that happiness cannot be measured by success. You can be successful and be famous but still feel empty and alone. But we can have both success and happiness at the same time if we just live to the fullest. Because you may exist but still do not really live.
You have hundreds of personal or family photos stashed in your computer or photo albums. Don't hide them; display them for everyone to see. Instead of buying a calendar every year, why don't you make your own instead and make use of your fantastic photos. Here's a way to unleash your ...
Many people with impaired vision may be thinking about laser eye surgery but remain undecided due to fears of long term negative effects. To help these people decide, I will share my experience and my assessment on this area. I had LASEK eye surgery ten years ago.
The FIFA Confederations Cup 2013 currently held in Brazil may not be a large scale tournament compared to the coming World Cup 2014 and the time zone may present viewing problems for Europe, Asia and Africa; it is certainly an event to watch. And not just for football enthusiasts. It ...
Tips on how to be safe from being contaminated with bacteria while using public restrooms.
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