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I'm from Hull (UK), i'm interested in sport, current affairs, politics, gaming and television amongst others.
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Recent pages by Gawge

David Willetts has warned Universities that £9,000 fees will be very difficult to justify. So why is he introducing the possibility in the first place?
I attended an open day for Lancaster University on Wednesday, here are my impressions of the University in general.
Many people may struggle winning games of Fifa, especially online, here are some little known tips that should boost the amount of games that you win.
A selection of five short, funny golf jokes. There is no need for you to be a golfer to laugh at these jokes.
Tonight saw the return of the ITV comedy series "Benidorm", i’ll give my opinions on how it went.
My predictions for today’s Premier League games, including Manchester United playing at Wigan.
The next three games for Arsenal will have a large impact on the course of their season. Will they finish May with silverware or with shattered dreams?
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