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Sarcastic, passionate, and constantly learning. I like to read and write about TV, Movies, Politics, History, and Current Events.
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Recent pages by JTK

Students at the University of Pittsburgh want medical treatment without criminal punishments for underage drinking. This author asks - where is the responsibility?
Voting in the U.S.-Did you vote? No? Then let's have a little chat...
A review of the 32 GB iPod touch- What features does this have for students and professionals?
The History Channel certainly has updated the demographic of history, but is this helping us?
A review of the 13 inch MacBook Pro based on specs, features, and the all-important "cool factor".
A young girl is now dead after taking her own life due to incessant bullying. Who is to blame?
The 2010 Census is already costing us a lot of money. So why do we do it?
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