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I am an Instructional designer engaged in e-learning content development. I have a passion for photography and poetry.

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About the pearls. What they are and how they are formed. Their use in jewelery.
As a marine/estuarine ecologist, I was always astonished by the shapes of diatoms that I collected from various water bodies. The diatoms, when studied under a scanning electron microscope (SEM), would take us to a different world of shapes and patterns. Here is a short scientific not...
Information on the amazing power of the organisms to emit light. Most of the marine animals have the ability to emit light for various reasons. Let us explore.
An oxymoron is a figure of speech that combines normally contradictory terms. They appear in a range of contexts, from inadvertent errors such as extremely average, to deliberate puns like same difference. Such paradox exists in the society as an open secret. I have tried to showcase ...
This is an article about the Golden orb Web Spider, which I came across during my recent visit to my in-laws’ place in Kerala (Vilayancode, Payyanur, South India).
Who will clean up the wastes that has piled up as ugly and mythical thoughts in our society? I term irrational thoughts as garbage and we need to be garbage collector to dispose them off. Leaders like, Karl Marx, Che Guerra, Periyar EVR have fought a battle against such evils and we n...
"Good night, sleep tight; don't let the bed bugs bite". This is common goodnight verse you might have heard. Bed bugs are notorious worldwide travellers. They latch on to luggage items and stow away to a new destination. Here are some tips to control them.
This article explores the amount of urea produced by an average man and the world population. Exploring the numerical values and analysing the properties of urine.
Tintinnids are micro-zooplankton found in marine and estuarine waters. I came across these little wonders during my doctoral research. I would like to share it with all.
Windows seven has some very interesting new features that make it an interesting experience. As an user, I am very much satisfied and amazed.
We don’t have to panic on just seeing a mosquito. This article is about different species of mosquitoes and how they influence the public health.
About some of the famous places in the city of Chennai. I have mentioned only about few things here, there are many more tell about this "Park of Peace". Proud to be Living here.
Kabaddi is a game that originated in Tamil Nadu, India. It is a popular game and demands great physical fitness. The game is more than 1000 years old. No surprise, this game is now in the Asian games. Soon will become an Olympic game.
The amazing experience of my first travel abroad. Flying for the first time is itself a thrill and to Brisbane via Singapore is even more exciting experience. I just want to share how I manage to get my passport and visa for this travel.
This article is on the signs of pregnancy. How to detect pregnancy symptoms. It is better to detect a pregnancy much earlier than the symptoms show up themselves.
Greenland, the world’s largest island, is about 81% ice-capped. Sea level rise is caused by the melting ice sheets of Greenland and Antarctica, as suggested by global warming alarmists.
This poem is about my three kittens. They gave me immense happiness and were with me for over a year. They left me in a bizarre circumstance.
This is a poem about my personal experience with my friends, who promised a visit to my place, but did not turn up. I was frustrated and then wrote this poem for them.
Couple of my poems, one on how we live in the mercy of nature and the other on how we indulge in destroying our own mankind.
About an atheist, who finds god. How can an atheist find god, come let us find out.
This article is based on my observations on the Monarch butterflies. I have seen them along the milk weeds. They lay their eggs, feed and pupate on the milk weed plants. I have taken photographs of their eggs, larvae, pupa and the emerging butterfly.
I photographed few insects making love in the natural environs of Kerala India.
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