Denise Salmon

Denise Salmon
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I am an author, I write for children and adults. My e books "True Love" and "Jamaica Mi Paradise "are available at and others at ,
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Why is my balance less all the time, even though I have posted 25 times. I feel very discouraged and disappointed , disappointed , badly disappointed with wkinut
Old proverb with great meaning, Great encouragement and wisdom
Patience and the benefits. How to be patient and live life one day at a time
How life can be different when we use our opportunities well. And see thigs in a positive way.
Since I discovered that our best medicine can be our food , I have been looking at how our food can help us. And this article is about colon cancer prevention.
The change that came about after my heart was rescued, from heartache ,pain and stress. The new thoughts and feelings , all the difference that I experienced in my life
The great feeling of contentment, peace and joy that fills the heart after a person is forgiven, has been described here in a different way,
A short description of the many different options water sports lovers have when they visit the beaches in Negril , Jamaica.
After a disaster friends might leave, but this poem is all about picking up the pieces and moving on with better friends. It is about reducing stress by being more flexible in the way we think.
Hope is always needed when we feel as if we should just give up on life. But sometimes all we need is a new idea, and everything can change. That is how it is possible for us to start again
If we plan to have great relationships and great lives , better communication is a good tool we can use. So I have written all I have learned about the subject over the years.
These are my thoughts about how we can lift ourselves above stressful situations, by thinking in new ways. Not allowing ourselves to be dragged down by others. But making a good plan for our lives and finding ways to work with it. A bit of motivation
A story about a wonderful friendship that lasted a lifetime. And how the friends didn't realize they were falling in love with each other through out the years. Until they realized they were miserable without each other.
I believe more people should spend time learning all they can about love before they start having relationships that could lead to marriage. If they learned more we would have better families and that could lead to the solution for a lot of the problems we are facing now.
When we use our opportunities well life can be transformed from being just a drag to something beautiful. It is always good for us to seek for good opportunities and use them well.
My thoughts about what it takes to be the best in the world.
A poem about the importance of showing respect for time. as it doesn't return after it is gone. And if we don't use it well, we can be left with huge problems.
These are some simple things you can do to preserve your health and you will also have a more youthful appearance as you get older.
A poem about a beautiful place I call my paradise. The lovely gardens , the birds, the breeze, all the wonderful things about paradise have been nicely documented here.
A charming little story of a wonderful relationship between a husband and a wife, that lasted for a lifetime. And it shows how things have changed , in the way we communicate with each other now.
The awesome feeling Love brings. A poem that tells of all the wonderful experiences people have when they are in love.
Worry and stress can lead to more problems, so it is best for us to learn to relax and try not to worry.
Thinking about making money in new ways. Learning more so we can earn more.
Moods are real, and they cause problems in relationships a lot of times. So if we can learn how to work around them, we can save a lot of marriages and friendships too.
Since heart disease has become so popular , it is important for us to get as much information as possible ,about the condition.
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