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I am a great guy to work with.I take my work seriously and to the letter and can adjust and work in any enviroment and with any person.
I love writing about relationships,technology,computers,social.
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Technology is making life easier for us by making everything smart. This is the world of intelligent appliances that are made to make life easier for us so that we can stress less and enjoy more.
We all dream of a better life and a brighter future for ourselves and our loved ones. Sometime it works out just fine and we live the life we dream of. Sometimes the opposite is just the case. But everything starts with a dream that we share or don't share.
Technology brought the computer and the the cell phone , the television and the radio. Now we use the smartphone and it is taking up much of our time and the fun of everyday living. Let's try and do without it for just 24 hours.
Facebook places a bet on the mobile Messaging Group Whatsapp for a staggering $19 Billion. But is this company Worth the price tag being placed on it by Facebook?
When a car tells the story of luxury and technology put together in one masterpiece, many will admire it but only the very few can afford to buy it.
There is an ambitious project on the way to make internet accessible to every human being on earth no matter what country you live in.
More than ever before, more and more people are turning to the internet to live their dream life of earning an income from home at the touch of a click. How have they been doing?
Life will soon end for the most widely used Windows operating system in the world. How this will affect individuals and businesses is soon to be discovered. In the mean time and until support ends for Windows Xp, lets make the best use of an operating system that has touched the l...
When faced with disapointments people react differently and while life has its ups and downs facing disapointment can ruin the life's expectations
Staying healthy and keeping fit means eating the right food and doing the right exercises. While diet programs abound many people have taken to eating raw unprocessed food. could this be healthy?
A growing crisis in which hopes for the future are dashed or deterred coincides with the release of the I Phone 5 which is defying the uncertainties the media is talking about.How could this be?
Hangovers are never romantic in nature.Those who go through them know for sure that they are very discomforting. And while the are no real cures,there are ways to deal with them.
Women are greatly troubled when they try to voice their concerns out to their partners and get very little attention.from them. This leave women doubting about their importance in the relationship.
Everyone has the willingness to succeed. But not everyone is doing the right things that they need to do to achieve success. This is what distinguishes the achievers from those that want to achieve.
Having lots of followers on twitter is good for your business.But you may never know how many of these followers are real.A new tool has come out that tells you in real time if your followers are fake or real.
While every effort is made to stay out of debt,you might want to check your spending habit and change certain of the habits that lead you into debt.
If you have a horrible looking dry skin formation on your feet,these are calluses.Calluses take a way the beauty from your feet and even your hands.Here are ways to prevent the formation of calluses.
While only the few can afford the best luxury cars in the world,here is a luxury car that may be within even the average man's reach.
While every effort is made to reduce excess fat from the body,one problem that men face is the beer belly., that fat that accumulates in the stomach.How to get rid of it means making a dramatic lifestyle change.
While excuses can be a way to avoid doing what we don't want to do,when it gets into our relationship.It can destroy it.
The institution of marriage stands on shaky ground.More and more people each day are signing divorce papers to call off a marriage.But what could be leading people to so much separation?
Perfumes always smell good and worn on the right occasion can be very uplifiting.But choosing the right perfume is sometimes a problem for many people.Here a re a few suggestions to help you make the right choices.
The amount of information running through the internet is huge and continues to grow.But how much of the information is reliable?
When in the business of selling, you need strategies that work.Strategies to move your business from where it is now to where you want it to be.
With all the technology around us today, it would seem that people are really communicating with each other.But this might not be the case.See why..
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