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I'm an avid flight simulator player and am known for spending half a day piloting airplanes on my simulator. I am an engineering student and a hardcore Game of Thrones geek.
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No matter you're searching for summer office wears or office wears for young business professionals, simple and sleek designs are always popular and highly recommended for office wear. But to look smart is also important. Is your room full and wardrobe empty of searching what to wear ...
Nepal is on the lap of Himalayas, the top of the world. Nepal is a different world in itself and you will open your eyes wide to have traveled Nepal. Nepal is a small country in between the two Asian giants India and China. Despite being small, just in the difference of 4 degrees lati...
Read on to find out why Game of Thrones did not bag even a single real award from Emmy's this year.
Side Effects is one of the top movies of 2013 because it’s different and the last movie we will see from retiring director Steven Soderberg.
2013 is already in full swing and Bollywood movies are piling up to be released - with blockbusters releasing this season.
The best 25 songs from Indian movies 2012, as voted and recommended by the die hard Bollywood fans around the world!
Janakpur is an ancient town in southern Nepal. Inspired by native Mithila culture, the city of Janakpur boasts places of religious places including the Janaki Mandir, Biwahamandap and lots of sacred ponds.
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