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I've been writing poetry since I was younger. My poems focus on my views of our world now and when writing the poem at the time and also personal experiences in my life. I hope to touch lives!
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This short, inspirational story came to me so easily one day and it took me less then a half an hour to write it. It turned out a very nice, well-written short story that has brought tears to eyes of those I've read it to. I hope everyone who reads it on here also enjoys it as much as...
I wrote this poem about certain things we can think or imagine in our minds to cheer us up and brighten our moods when we are feeling a little blue.
I wrote this poem about a true story of my pregnancy with my son and the true meaning behind miracles and how they do truly happen!
A poem I'd written for others out there like me that's been depressed to the point of feeling as though life should end and what words and thoughts of encouragement can help us to know why it's not the answer and that life does get better. Also to let others know that there are a lot ...
I wrote this poem about some of our problems in our world that causes our world to look corrupt to the human race. These problems, if fixed, could make our world a better place to live in. Our world could be without any of these issues if we all worked together as one instead of ignor...
Just another short poem I'd written when the words popped into my head. It describes how nice love feels.
This is a short poem I'd written about how I was feeling with my first love when we were so far apart.
A poem I'd written about a few of the major parts I'd read in the Bible. It was quickly written because it had just popped in my head out of the blue and I'd written the words as they came. I hope you enjoy it!
This is a poem I'd written about a true accounting of an experience I'd had after having a true heart to heart talk with God during prayer one night when I was a little girl.
This poem was written in a time in my life when I was feeling very down on life. I'm a firm believer on the Bible and what it teaches. I remember writing this in description of when I'm feeling sad or lost, I know I can depend on God to help me through and to help me feel better.
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