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I have been writing short stories, poems and articles during the past 20 years.
My other talents:
Pipeline fabrications and training of 6 G welders
Oil and gas, Maintenance Services
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Do you risk your life taking sex stimulents? Or are you taking a risk?
Will having sex with a virgin give you the elixir of life?
Why do you think Buddhism looks like Hinduism? They are two totally different religions. Please read on to find out.
Why am I not allowed to publish in Wikinut? I am only talking about the presence of Chinese in the US. There is no bad intention.
Have you ever wondered why the companies keep the auditing firms for more than 50 years?
What kind of schools are your children attending? Are the classes too difficult or too easy for them?
There are pretenders in every country. The sad fact is many of these thugs are able to make it to the Parliament, and swindle lots of money from the Treasury.
An air bed can be a very useful item for you. At times, after you have traveled for some time, it could still be cheaper if you simply dump the air bed into a garbage tank.
People do get hurt in their own house. Please don't be one of them.
Pretenders are everywhere. When your children join certain societies, make sure you know what is going on in those societies.
The food you eat out may not be hygienic. The next time you are buying food, please look carefully around you.
Have you ever wondered why trafficking of young ladies and girls could be done easily in many countries? Why do some bachelors have to buy wives?
Do you enjoy eating out? Have you ever seen how they prepare your food?
When you go shopping, some of the offers are too-good-to-be-true. Don't walk into those traps.
If I say the moon is brighter in England, would you believe it? If you do, this article is not for you. You won't benefit reading it.
This is one case in which a man wanted to cheat an uneducated couple of their piece of land. There may be cases around your location?
What are the cheating cases you have come across? Here are two of the cases which I think you will benefit reading.
The Chinese have to face racists in almost every country. In some of them, licenses for business have been limited to less than 10% because the thugs want their race to own more than 90% in any field.
Some people have an irrational horror of failure, and therefore they dare not try to achieve anything.
It is obvious that people can be resentful simply because you are different from them.
If we don't eat pork, it doesn't mean we must kill all the pigs on this planet. Do I need to elaborate?
The people who desperately want to take over the Chinese Government are hiding behind a group of students. When the Europeans grouped up to wallop China, these people's grand parents were assisting the Western powers!
In a country where corrupt practices are too prevalent, you need to be one of them if you want to progress. Are you willing to be one of them?
Is your company paying for workers who are not working for you? How do you make sure it does not happen to you?
It's a pity that there are people who still believe their gods must drink virgin blood.
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