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started writing 2 yr ago, to help afriend with some research. i enjoyed it and decided i would do thi on my own, i still enjoy. i write alot of personal stories and health articles.
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This tells about the big engines and the power it took to pull 100 railcars over Donner Pass, and my observations as ayoung man, and a little railroad history. you are welcome to make any kind of comment on this article.The pictures are from Wikipedia, I had many...
Trains are one of the most useful mean of transporting people and goods there is, from point a to point b. they are fast and efficient and carry a big pay load. This is why they opted to put in a narrow gauge rail road in Nevada County
In the retail business you have to keep the customer happy, this is how iwas taught to do that. It also creates good will for the company. The word get around that you treat the customers right.
We keep learning all through life ,we have to remember the lessons we learn as we grow older and need the knowledge. Knowledge is something no one can ever take away from you..
How my friend RV found what he was looking for, it took a lot of searching but he has what he wanted. now. He has happieness, which is hard to find, He found it her on an island in the Pacific Ocean.
Rules are made to keep you from harm as much as any thing else.If you conform and do as your told no one gets hurt, but my cousin and his friend found a way around the rule and were killed for their effort..
When a child is born overseas the United States wants to know its parentage to make sure it qualifies for citizenship and benefits. When it has been checked the child gets their U. S. Passport and their United States birth certificate.and are then a citizen.
In the old days they did not have road or highway taxes, so when they built a road they charged you a toll to use the road. The owners of the road were responsible for the maintence of the road.also to keep the highwaymen from robbing you as you traveled on their road...
Here we are about to vote again, maybe this time people will read what has happened and realize they voted wrong last election. As individual we could not handle our personal finances the way the president has handled our countries finances. Simply we need a president t...
The lakes in the high sierra's were use fro water supply for mining and domestic as well. The water is pure and cold from melted snow, the more it snows the more water we have.Good fishing in those ice cold lakes.
We wanted change, well we got it , for the worse, 3 trillion more debt and nothing to show for it. The U. S. A. is a big business , the president has no experience of any kind, especially business. Hope the citizens come to their senses by election time.
How did the mountains form and wheredid the gold come from. It came from heat and pressure and chemical reactions. Thats my best guess..
The Idaho Maryland,was the second highest producer of gold in California. it had to close because of low gold prices like the rest of the mines. new developers ahve taken it over and are going to reopen it as a new modern facility, and be diversified into new ways to...
Here we talk about the several things that make up a persons personality. Starting with attitude and what else goes into making up a personality.Do you see your self in some of these traits.
This continues from part one and takes us all the way to the end of the Highway at Loyalton where it intersects with Hwy 89.
We start at the south end of the highway are working our way north through the various towns ,rivers and canyons. This will give you an overview of the beauty you will see as you travel California Route 49. The distance is less than 300 miles but if you so slow and enjoy the country...
Traveling in California is easy just follow the roadsigns, as long as you stay on a paved road, I don't feel you can get really lost. Don't take the "local" short cuts.
We are dealing with the golden years. They come too soon, but don't stay long enough, now there isn't time or energy to do all the thing we wanted to do when we retired..
How to go looking for gold for a weekend outing, and get the family involved.
We start off still inteh elecrricalbusiness but due to health he had to change to something not so physical
This is how an uneducated guy from Oklahoma, got educated by the school of hard knocks, worked hard and came out ahead. He left Oklahoma in the 1930's, Got educated in the trades and came out a winner.
We try to answer the question of where gold came from, one theory is meterorites crashed into the earth and when they cooled they made gold. But I dont think thats it, I will go along with the volcanic upheaval theory which seems to have data to back it up.
How they recovered the gold and the method they used. It seemed they were always finding a better way.
Here we talk about the method of getting gold using monsterous floating dredges. The rape of the land was not even considered if there was gold to be found, it was the same with the hydraulic mining, where they washed away mountains
It's about the blooms poloinized so we have get fruit and flowers. Bee's are one of the most necessary insects we have, with out them there wouled be no fruit or flowers.
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