Casey Brackett

Casey Brackett
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Ten minutes late to everything & trying to expand the universe.
Poetry & Music reviews are what I dig. Peace, Love, Rock&Roll.
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A poem to the fellow peons from yours truly. Much love ombres.
I wrote this Essay in an English class that I had. It compares the actual standards of the time in literature, and discusses realistic scenarios based off the characters and plot of the film Mona Lisa Smile.
I decided to write a review for this place in Middleboro that I had a great birthday dinner at. If you live in the area and want great food, go there.
A Track-By-Track of All Time Low's newest album, "Don't Panic" .
A brief essay that I had to do on the "moonshot". I found it interesting and thought I'd share.
Angry at not having money even though work sucks..
Bona fide as in bona fide bad ass. That is all. Also, this is kind of meant as a thank you to someone for being there for me and being so awesome. If " you're" reading this: It's been rad, it's been real. Love you man, and thanks again.
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