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I have been writing poetry for a few years now and use it as a release for all types of feelings. I do not follow any set rules poetry as I find I cannot get the feeling correct if I use the rules.
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Being nearer the end of my life than the beginning of it I look back at it.
Every day we wake into a new day, I am always waiting for it to show me its glory.
A poem about a walk along My River and the effect it has on my life with nature and My Spirit.
Poem about the music that I can play but my wife cannot due to illness
Annually at Christmas my Church has a Concert Evening where music, poetry, sketches etc are performed, this is a Poem that I wrote for them.
My son was going through a rather acrimonious divorce and at one point his ex wanted to stop him seeing his son whom he loves dearly. I as his Father ahd a feeling of hopelessness, there was nothing that I could do. All is OK now though.
Our poetry group had the subject 'Working the Land'. I had thought of writing a poem about pit ponies but this idea suddenly came to mind.
Two poems about my son and the woman he loves from each others perspective.
Memories of a trip to the fair when I was young written for the Poetry Group that I am in, the subject being "All the Fun of the Fair"
This idea was from a line of poetry in Imtiaz Dharker’s poem “Thrown Away” The line was:- “Is there a place where all the lost words go?”
The idea came from a book called Golden Girl, the title triggered a thought of the type of girl she would be.
“Heaven is where your dreams come true” is a line in the film “Field of Dreams” and it prompted me to write this poem
This was written after we pulled into Manchester Piccadilly late one evening
This shows my feelings about speaking as I get older
I was at a Remembrance Ceremony and it was pouring hard; these actions and thoughts came to my mind
My wife was losing her hearing, she had hearing aids fitted and this is what happened on a walk soon after she had the aids.
A Poem to fit the category 'Dancing;' at a poetry group to which I belong
Inspired by a coincidence. At our August meeting of the U3A poetry group two of the ladies came in together and mentioned that they had met on the crossing; I said “There must be a poem in that”. The subject for the next meeting was to Autumn – hence this poem.
A poem about the danger that mankind is to the natural world.
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