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kishore kumar.s
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I am kishore from india. who is intrested in stories , music ,and writing
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A real story happened long ago . in the 1930s told to me by my mother . It was a very touching story of little Elephant
Whenever he is doing a heart breaking tragic scene or when he shows emotion he is crying inside with a lot of pain it shows 100 % in his expression. When we look in to his eyes, we felt like choking with tears. And our heart will burn with pain. That kind of performance is he is g...
The year is 1971 The kid is 6 years The kid is alone
In india there is a small state kerala (my state - where the people of kerala speak malayalam language) one of their festival is this vishu ( it is the harvest festival ) people belive if they make a good exhibition of all vegetables , paddy, fruits and make a good sight and see in t...
My fingers are ready to write on the misted sand I wrote on the sand as usual the same words I used to write as a child ‘Sea Mother u failed I win !’ Of course it raised her anger I know she cant stand it ...
My funniest experience SILVER UNCLE He is Mr.Sukumaran once we met him we will never forget his face because his hair is very silver and it is not grey but silver grey and it always shine like a silver vessel. The sunshine and tube light all will reflect on his hair. and always s...
A woman who thinks she is a great beauty , confident of her beauty one day looks in to the mirror and finds she has become very older . and shocked and try to look younger and failed. She realized some truth about beauty and how it develops what helps one to become most beautiful in ...
Friendship is the most valuable thing an Introvert meets an extrovert and it is a magical friendship the opposites start to react . it is heart full of love and doubts also !
Yes, Yes that is a neat decent letter. Nothing bitter about it-- no argument, no jealousy and no scolding, no tears it is clear like a crystal .If u look in this Crystal ball, you can see that we are parting as we don’t belong to each other or we r not made for each other. Yes, ...
Suddenly the a spark from the matchstick flew on the air and dropped on the colour paper . it was beautiful to watch the fire spread
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