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I love to read and write. I write about my life and everything around me.
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Did you ever love someone? Did you give your heart to someone and how did you feel? Loved? Left alone? Messed witih? Did he leave you loved or miserable?
it was my birthday and I wanted to thank everyone who wished me. And this is something I wrote
When things come your way in life, make the best use of it without complaining. Life is short and happiness can be derived from what you do in this span of time.
I got a cold during winter and I hated every minute of waiting indoors.
I met someone in life. We had to keep in touch from a distance. He never bothered and this is what I had to tell him before I left him, for good.
The feeling of winning someone. He becomes your world, you feel that you got everything and is full of bliss.
How the weather grips you and leaves you in loneliness. I had to write something down in order to tell myself how I feel about today.
Sitting and watching and thinking of a song that leaves me nostalgic. My thoughts, memories keep flooding back.I feel nostalgic.
Just being bored in life and remembering the splendour of nature and the beauty of my home islands.
Just about an I, a He and a She...This is me trying to create some characters. Trying to describe them in brief.
The feeling of being shaken by an earthquake.We were at out home and felt the whole flat shake and tremble. It was a frightening experience.
A cry of help to a super hero to come and save this world of ours, infested with crime, abuse and violence!
Life is how you see it. It is how you live it and how you want to see it.
I find something and I always have to let go. I have to keep moving from place to place.Leaving behind things that mattered.
One day in life. You meet someone, fall for him and discover that he is married with kids and cannot belong to you.
So many things around you but you still feel alone and empty.With loved ones far at home I feel so alone in this place, far away from home.
The beauty of the islands.The beach. I was awestruck by its beauty. The colours, the sound, the sight was amazing that I had to scribble something to savour the beauty. I was mesmerized by it and wished that the moment would last forever.
Sleep and dream dreams never having to wake up. Forgetting the cruelty of the world. Crimes.
Being home after a long time and discovering the loss of friendship and how empty one can feel around them.
Getting up at dawn. I was on an island.I wanted to witness the gloriousness of dawn. The sun, its colours, its magic.The sunrise.
An important person in my life, without him, I would be not me. He means everything to me.My reason to be. My happiness, my sorrow, my success. My everything.He brings the best in me.
The noise I heard when observing a classroom. The students were busy learning. I noted down the things I heard inside and outside the classroom. These were things I had not thought of before or considered to be vital to have noticed.
I write because I need to write when I am lonely, scared and afraid and happy. I write to bring peace to my mind and soul.To kill loneliness and to remain calm.
Just to let the people who matter in my life know that they are loved, appreciated, wanted and remembered. For being there for me. At good times and bad times always showing me the rights and wrongs of life.
There is no time for keeping in touch anymore. Everyone seems so busy even to say hello.
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