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I love to write. It's my most favorite thing to do. It makes me feel like I can do something on my own and feel good about it.
I write thing down about the things going on inside my brain and paint a picture of creative thoughts that only come from me. I mostly will be writing about romance, a little thriller, things that might make you wonder what comes next. I'm doing what i love and am happy to know there is an actual site where you can write. This is my first time letting people know what goes on in my head so I'd like a little feed back on my work please. I want to know what you guys think of what I have to show. Any thoughts on the stories please let me know.
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Well this is about a group of people who stumble upon an orb that contains an angel. They take her back with them but she leaves and one of them follows her.
This is a very mini short story but i had a dream about it and thought it would be pretty good as a short story.
I was in a pretty good mood when I wrote this. I was thinking about it also. I just got to writing and this is what came from it.
I wrote this because I love trees and thought what would it be like to write in a trees point of view.
Its about flowers and I thought this one was nice too.
This story was something I'd come up with in class. My imagination loves to run wild when I need to do somethings.
This was when I was dealing with a bad break up and I just wasn't coming out the way I wanted too.
This poem was spur of the moment. I was feeling okay so I wrote this.
This story is kind of mini but I thought it was pretty good. A girl had just been through a battle and lost all of her comrades.
This poem is about me and life. I've been through a lot of things in life that have made me grow up faster then I should have had to. But everything in life has its reasons.
This page is about cosmetic surgery and how it affects this world. The media is all about this always showing ti on t.v. and approving it.
I though it was a very pretty poem and wanted to share.
This poem is another one of my dark times. I thought it was a good poem even though it kind of scared me when I read it over.
This is about a girl coming from a bad past needing to find somewhere she could forget about it. Then she finds Jen; he helps her through her problems and become closer.
This story is about a woman walking to school on foot. She encounters something that puts her into danger. She is rescued by a sexy man and things get a little hot between them.
This poem is only about the point of view of a Lilac that had been plucked from its home and wants nothing more than to be with them again.
This poem was just written from how I was feeling. Tired of what the world had to offer me and being disappointed from it all.
This story is about a girl finally getting the man of her dreams.
This poem is only about how I felt around last year. I wasn't so happy with my life and felt nothing would improve for me. It was very hard for me to deal with at that time but now I have people who care about me and want to help me get better.
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