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Marilynn Dawson
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I am a computer tech by trade, as well as a Christian author and freelancer. Topics range from devotionals and online safety, to how-to's, family finances, product reviews, and more.
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Along with the rise in mobile computing, comes the increased threat to personal identity, financial information and private data. Developers can assist users in efforts to safeguard and ensure a positive experience.
"Content is King!". How are you managing it? Every website is unique in both content and visitor expectations. Read on to learn a bit more.
Are there benefits to having a month-to-month cell phone plan, or is a contract the better way to go? This short piece explores some of the aspects of this dilemma.
Research of this particular oil reveals many uses for which this author already uses Vitamin E cream, and some uses not considered before. However, the benefits of this oil go far beyond what it can do for the average user.
This article takes a look at the different thermometers available to you as the parent when monitoring your child's temperature.
The Jeep Cherokee Sport Stroller as sold by both Amazon and Walmart, is being billed as the most affordable, light-weight, full-size stroller on the market.
Eventually, some device won't work because an older cable can no longer be found, or the device needs a USB adaptor to plug into a newer system, for no other reason than the port your device needs is no longer built into the newer device you bought.
When it comes to all things visual, whether projected onto a screen, or sent to a screen via direct cable, HDMI has been the spec to watch and accommodate for in recent years.
What is eCommerce?! In a nutshell, eCommerce is the act of selling goods or services over the Internet, delivering those goods or services either via the Internet, or offline means, and then collecting payment in some form. Each of the subjects touched on here have so much more that...
The scene is repeated thousands of times every day of every week of every month of every year in most western cultures around the world. A person walks into a restaurant, tea house, or hotel eatery. A hostess greets them at the door, grabs something from a rack nearby, takes the per...
The toy piano, much like that of the little red tricycle, will forever be an icon of childhood for many years to come.
With the cost of ink rising over the past number of years in contrast to the cost of printers themselves dropping in price, so low at times that they are below the cost of a single ink cartridge, one sometimes has to wonder how on earth they will save any money in the act of printing ...
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Playing music has many benefits both to the musician and to the listener, but what if you've never picked up an instrument before?
A decent store security camera system is a must for any store dealing in easily stolen merchandise. If chosen, installed, and monitored properly, such a system will greatly aid in reducing shoplifting incidences.
The Last Supper has become famous around the world, not merely for the painting, but also for the remembrance of what Christ said He would do for mankind. Today we will look at celebrating the Last Supper based on how Christ asked His disciples to observe it.
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