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I am an expert on health section, i like to share my experience with others and to learn more from them too.
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Acne is one of the skin's problems that affect the face, the neck , shoulders and back too and shows as an inflammation with redness.
Because of constraints time and daily activities and problems, most women especially workers one find a problem with washing their hair because it take a long time to dry it.
The ring is known from the past, and its cultivation spreaded in Egypt, india, Turkey and Yemen, and it is considered as the main food for people in Yemen.
Hair loss is from the problems that most ladies from different ages suffer from it, even that there is a lot of factors and causes of this problem but the main two factors stay the genetic fator and the lack or the excessive hair care.
Green almonds are from the important spring fruits, it is rich in many vitamins such as vitamin A and iron too which are necessary for the body.
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