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J Meckes
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I've always loved poetry, not all poetry, but the stuff that makes you laugh or cry. I've been writing poetry for family and friends since college but have resisted pushing my poetic style to a public medium.

I guess I'm a senior citizen since AARP has solicited my membership which I just haven't wanted to accept yet. I am retired, spending time with my wife of 35+ years, involved with our two daughter's lives, and my grandsons. Oh those grandsons! I've been blessed in many ways but most of all with health and family.

I'm a world traveler and have been dumb struck many times by the beauty of God's world and the complexities of his creation.

I hope you enjoy my poetry. Please feel free to contact me; I enjoy the interaction with other creative writers or anyone.
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The feeling of betrayal is one of the lowest feelings of a relationship, especially when not expected.
Love is in the eye of the beholder and sometimes all you see is a Goddess. Even as time passes their beauty holds you in a trance.
You are my everything, my breath, my life, my love.
Old memories of yesterday may be all we can cherish.
Young love wants to control with feelings or concern. You learn the hard way!
Have you ever wondered what goes on in a baby's mind and they touch everything they can reach?
I wrote this poem shortly after my first grandson was born six years ago. It is a rush to hold your child's child knowing love brought you all together.
Sometimes a wish for Christmas may not be granted.
Life seems to come together when you find the one you love.
The promise of my love will be here today and as well as tomorrow
A mother holding her newborn is probably the most beautiful expression of love in the world.
If we are lucky in life we each get a chance to enjoy the circle of life.
Many times in life we lose our way and contemplate the easy way out. . . we're lost.
This is a Birthday wish for my loving wife. There are no cards in the store that say what I feel.
No matter the season the reasons I love you will always be the same.
As a child I wished for tomorrow and I'm still wishing and haven't learned my lesson.
Valentine's day is the time to make sure your love knows how much they are loved.
Each of us search for that one special "Someone" in our lives that makes it all worth while.
How does it make you feel when the one you love tells you they don't want any gifts for a special day?
Nobody can take love for granted, there is always a feeling of doubt and fear of loss.
Each year in the fall, I hear our October Love Song.
It is always better to get your own information about others rather than listening to stereo-types.
Thank God for Mothers, they so influence our lives as we grow.
What does a father leave to his child? What will he or she remember about their father?
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