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Deyhen Ghey
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I am currently working for an outsourcing company. I love nature, cooking, watching a movie and reading books. Artistic crafts and blogging means a lot to me...where I can freely express myself
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Wanna be part of BPO center like APAC, EGS, JP Morgan Chase or NCO? Well, here's a great help for you! Below is the hiring process of APAC, JP Morgan Chase and NCO or now called EGS. Please read them carefully. This will really gonna help you pass the interview and be part of the co...
A poem dedicated to a friend of mine. Hope you will see this one day friend! Thanks for being a nice and sweet friend to me po!
This is dedicated to a friend of mine. Hope everybody who will be read this will gonna like it.
A poem for someone you love and will surely make him/her smile!
Due to financial crisis and unemployment of millions of people all over the world, we don't notice that we are getting into trap when we are very determined and eager to have a job that will pay us in fare rate or above minimum or get promotion and high salary. The most easiest way on...
Below are the 3 simple steps on how we could achieve true happiness in life!
Most people all over the world loves to browse internet and go from one site to another and we do not know if our personal information or the website itself is safe.Below is the list on how to protect yourself from scammers in the internet, create a strong password, maintain privacy a...
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