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R. Person
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college student with many interests
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Recent pages by R. Person

These are some lame jokes that I and some friends have made up.
A guide on enjoying the calls of telemarketers (yes it is possible!).
An article about stereotypes in jokes, and briefly explores how they can be negative. towards certain groups.
This article contains some ideas for April Fools Day pranks for those of you that need some ideas, which are mostly harmless.
A poem about procrastination, as the author is quite a procrastinator.
This is a fun personality quiz that anyone (especially if they like food) can take to see what meal they are.
A random page that tells why it (this page) shouldn't even exist in the first place.
This article lists the top 8 most interesting human experiences, in the author's opinion. Movie titles in a variety of genres on each subject are provided.
Bad advice on how to get more article views on wikinut. This is to lightly poke fun at all those wikinut pages telling people how to get more views.
This page provides a list of experiences that people should have at or by certain ages.
When you are in a city, and are unsure of what to do, use this scavenger hunt to guide you. Mark down the place that had those particular attributes, and then you have a list of places that you can visit if you're ever bored in that city again. Warning: be mindful of the weather, and...
This article explores what the author considers to be the five most important perosnality traits.
This page provides a list of semi- productive ideas that one can do if they are bored.
This brief article is about dreams, and it's purpose is to get the reader to examine their own dreams.
This is a personality quiz to see what type of professor you would be if you were a professor, or if you are a professor, it takes a guess at what kind of professor you are.
Have random stuff lying around the house and want to make a Halloween costume? This article has some ideas for you to save money on those overpriced costumes. Find the section headings with things that you have, and see if anything works for you. Warning: not all may be comfortable/...
A poem about heartbreak, and how it makes the author feel.
This article contains tips on how to improve your social life.
This article has some ideas for teachers to make class more fun, and interesting ways to reinforce, teach, and remember the material.
This pages provides the pros and cons of chewing gum, and some advice on choosing gum.
This is Random dialogue for entertainment purposes with fictional characters, (two sisters) Mimi and Kate. Showcases two paintings actually painted by the author.
This is a weird dream I had last night. If anybody can tell me what it means, that would be great.
This personality quiz is just for fun, although it can be accurate and describe your personality.
This article dares the reader to try being vegetarian for a week, and why they should try this. Vegetarianism is healthy, and this experiment can't hurt.
This article tells the negative and positive aspects of gift cards.
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