Steve Mitchell

Steve Mitchell
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I am a budding writer / poet / enterpreneur in the making. Looking for financial freedom I have embarked on a writing / Blogging career in the hope that my dream of independence will become a reality.
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A guide to business planning for use on the internet and for budding internet entrpreneurs who are specialising in writing articles,poetry and blogging.It can be used in connection with social networking and is intended to put a hobby initially onto a business footing.
This page is the 2nd tip in the series of wikinut articles by Steve Mitchell on Blogging and Making Money on the internet. First hand, tried and tested tips by Steve and information which works to get your Blogs into the public domain.
Poem about family and friends at Christmas and what they mean to us.
Another poem written by Steve Mitchell especially for a friend
How to make money article from Blogging. This is an article about my 1st tip in a series about making money on the internet with your own Blogs.
Poem about a budding glamour girl on Twitter. I am helping her to claim the fame in her field she so truly deserves.
A poem about the slums of Mumbai and the disparity between the rich and poor of this city.
A poem by poshcoffeeco about the current euro debt crisis.
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