P.M. Jones

P.M. Jones
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My random thoughts create beautiful free verse poetry
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This poem pays homage to DeVonte Squire, A 20 year old Sophomore Theatre Major who attended North Carolina Central University in Durham, NC. Our paths crossed moments before a pathway was created to the next life.
A poem about pain that has deeply resonated with me my entire life. A release that has now created a positive awakening for me.
I was prompted to write a piece about relationship progression and the epiphany experienced at the end
A thoughts of kisses that turned out to so much more.
Sometimes it takes a moment to break through a fa├žade but in the end all truth will be revealed.
A poem about my mother and a little about her life as told from my perspective
A poem that pays homage to my Great Aunt and her sucession through life
A poem about love and the lack thereof. The facade of true love.
A love poem that I wrote one day when the thoughts rushed to my mind.
A poem that pays homage to memories of both of my great grandmothers, Adeline and Mary
A free verse poem about an evening with the best conversations that led to lack of sleep but totally worth the insomnia that you might have to pay for the next day or so.
Sometimes I have thoughts leave my mind and gingerly make their way to my pen and onto paper. This was an occasion in my past that resulted from few thoughts I had one day. A candid view of what I may have thought but have never spoken.
A poem about my birth city, Durham. A few memories, current events, and nostalgia of a few things old and new that I think about when I think of home.
A plethora of feelings that I thought I was unable to experience all at once but never in succession
A free verse poem about about a day in my life and what it meant to me in the moment.
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