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I'm 18. A student who likes to write, loves to think about simple topics till they reach the peak of complexity! And once in a while if someone cares to give a second to my thoughts that's a reward!
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Recent pages by faithshore

Office chairs are a necessity for most of us. There are many different kinds of office chairs. Whatever kind you buy, it is very important to ensure maximum comfort for a lot of reasons. This article points out the main reasons for the same.
Toys for 2 year old toddlers are almost infinite. Among all these toys, most are educational-toys which provide learning experience for the kids. This article is primarily about educational toys for 2 year old children.
Purchasing the perfect binocular needs proper reasoning. This article will tell you the five key things you should take into account when buying a brand new binocular. The five factors mentioned are really common factors, but the factors are very important still.
No matter how strong a relationship is, it is good to try and strengthen feelings from time to time. This article will tell you 5 things you can do in order to make your girl love you even more. Doing cute things occasionally is very important for the growth of love. In absence of the...
Most of us share articles or other links on the internet almost everyday. But few of us know that there is a service which pays when others click the links shared by us.
Assam is not one of the most widely known places in the world for sure. It is not one of the most important or developed region either. But this Indian state has a lot to offer – rich cultural experience, excellent natural beauty and much more!
Farmers are the base of our worry-free lives. Our first and most important need in life – food is obtained because of them. But, most people in the society do not try to understand their importance or are completely unaware. This article is about some aspects of the lives of farmers...
Very often, we hear a particular song and fall in love with it. And the next thing we do is wonder what other songs are out there which are similar to that particular song! Seems familiar? Well, this article is about finding songs effectively that are similar to a particular song.
Amazon Mechanical Turk or Mturk payments are decreasing day by day; and certain Mturk users are facing serious problems because of this. But what are the actual reasons for decreasing Mturk earnings? An insight into the real reasons that compelled Mturk earnings to decrease.
An interview with Swarna Jayanti Award winner Arun Chattopadhyay; a professor, chemist, social worker and scientist of Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati.
This I had written when my bonding with one of my friends was almost in the verge of losing!
A poetry about apology to the loved one! The way of saying sorry!
A poem on love! A thought describing loneliness and pain!
Katy Perry and Russell Brand had announced their engagement in January 2010 after meeting at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. They later married in October 2010, and their mutual affection had become a sweet feature of the Hollywood. But recently, the news of Katy Perry and Russell Br...
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