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I am a student of nursing and caring is my passion.
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Whenever I talk to people, it is quite annoying and disappointing to realize that the world is full of smart poor people who are not open to opportunities which can offer success.
Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and obsessive compulsive personality disorder (OCPD) are two different forms of mental illness, despite having similar names. It is helpful to identify the characteristic of each disorder to understand the difference between the two.
In 1952, Hildegard Peplau, a psychiatric nurse introduced the concept on interpersonal relations focusing on the use of therapeutic relationship between the nurse and the client.
Brain injury is a defined by Brain Injury Center Australia as a devastating disability considering the complexity and the differences in the types, location and extent of damage.
Network marketing is a system that is present in all kinds of business. Fast food chains, chain of bakeries, churches, hospitals, facebook, google +1, and linkedin to name a few.
Wearing scrubs is not a fashion statement but a stigma of being a health care provider. We, being the members of the health team, should wear it with pride and proper decorum.
Growing up is hard but it is one aspect of life which is inevitable. We should embrace it to keep ourselves away from regression.
Before I even joined I had a list of what I am going to write: business, money, education, religion, health, current issues and the like. However, as a newbie, it seems like the ideas just flow in my mind before I even find time to write it down.
So you are down? Are you going to let it be or move on? Get a grip of your dreams to move on. What matters most is you never stop. Persist to make things happen and not do the same mistake again.
We always tend to find the comfort of our home. However, we should know how to cope up with homesickness in order to move on with our endeavors.
There are some points in life when we search for meaning and never find what we are looking for.
The cost of college may not define the knowledge gained but education is an opportunity to learn and explore.
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