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Vicky Pino
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A woman who was rushing like mad along an underground train corridor to catch the train that she had listened in the distance, let me thinking about the stupidity of rushing at all times for nothing.
Easter celebrations are on progress. I love them even though I'm not a very religious person, but I was born in a Christian society and they are part of our culture and civilization.
LucĂ­a was fed up with that errand that her mother asked her to do way too often until on one day, she decided, not without remorse, not to do it. Years later, she wondered why her mother had asked her to do such an errant.
Scaffolds are risky for neighbours that live in an old building that requires to be refurbished as anyone will be able to climb up to break in, so they were told.
KFC seem to be in crisis, but other outlets aren't being as profitable as they would like to.However, they keep their premises worldwide to keep their presence among people and for as long as they can afford it.
Past and present of a wonderful European city that would make an amazing holiday destination.
In past times, teachers were appreciated and respected, but on these days, their status has changed, but not for the better.
There are no menial jobs, but different ways to earn one's bread honestly.
If newly elected Donald Trump really works for working people in the US and for world peace, he might as well end like JFK.
These days, it doesn't seem enough to hold a degree and a graduate will have to take a costly Master to increase their chances, but will they really?
Writing a critical article on such as an issue may not be politically correct, but it's the way I feel, having been invaded by thousands of so called refugees.
Real origin of Halloween and why Romans and the Catholic Church forbade part of these ancient celebrations.
Does a parent or and adult person know what their children are watching or searching for when they are online? Time to find out before it is too late.
Who is to stay at home? Young children need to meet one of the two parents when they arrive home from school. Many children wished to see and stay more with their parents as their favourite Christmas present.
Why spend money in meaningless best selling novels when there are other books that aren't best sellers, but they can be found in any good book shop and they can be as compelling as a latest fashionable one?
Having a pet is a big responsibility, but if one isn't sure of not being able to provide with what it needs, one should not have one.
This is not a pitying account to make us weep, but to think that anyone of us may fall as low as this any day. As good Christians we're obliged to give a hand to those that need help most.
I only wish that the Britons set a precedent and the people from other countries within the Union wake up and demand the same right: our right to decide for ourselves in each country.
I'm not British, but I live in a country which is a member of the European Union and I do sympathize with these British that are fed up with EU dictatorship.
When their children are grown ups, some parents cut this invisible umbilical cord, because they feel they don't need them and they also want to enjoy a life of their own. Are they selfish for doing so?
When I read this man's declaration, I could not, but think that he is a fiendish one and a sociopath, because water is really a human right.
Do you really want to stop your addiction to your beautiful Smart telephone? Follow then these simple rules.
Today it is May Day and many people will go out in the streets to march wit banners and leaflets, chanting slogans against their government, but will it be useful?
Public bars, restaurants and companies are being fined heavy fines if they don't change their out signs and put them in Catalan.
This is how I see the planet on the so called Day of the Earth 2016, but tomorrow will be another day and it will bee soon forgotten till next year.
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