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A brief introduction about how to use Cortana, Microsoft's digital assistant, on Android phone.
Move to iOS, Apple's official app for Android phone, is designed to help Android users transfer data to their new iPhone. It is an aggressive move for Apple in order to compete new users against Android. Let's learn how to use Move to iOS.
A solution about how to transfer data from old phone to new iPhone 6s/ 6s Plus.
Nowadays, phone data, like contacts, messages and photos, are even more important than cellphone itself for people. Since our phones are filled with thousands of big size pictures, how to move these pictures to a new phone becomes a hard work.
This is a tutorial about Android data recovery. People all hate crank calls and always choose not to answer cold phones. However, this may cause troubles in work or business. In case you delete important call logs, you will need to recover the lost data from your phone.
This article will tell you why your phone data can be recovered and tips after data loss.
3 ways of transferring iPhone contacts to Android quickly and safely. You can move iPhone contacts to Google account, to PC or to your Android phone directly. Just choose one that suits you.
Transfer contacts from phone to phone? Do it yourself. Here is a guide showing 2 easy ways to transfer contacts between Android phones.
This is a tutorial about an easy way to transfer data from HTC to Samsung S 6.
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