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I am a self learner. I like philosophy and poetry from an early age. After work, I got an undergraduate degree in Chinese language and Literature through self-study exam. But my English is very poor.
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1.Not the Thing of Money 2.The Most Beautiful Melody of Life
1.I This is just the difference 2.Looking Where would I be
1.Wu Sangui.What can be more successful than this 2.An Ugly Woman at a Nightclub.Why don't you rape me
The day I had a very good luck. Unexpectedly found a bag in the street.I like to watch others' happy appearance.Look at her sincere smile.Generous behavior let everyone is full of laughter.
1.Thirty-five Years:This is a boundary monument of the hour of doom.Be afraid that this is only a joke to deceive oneself and others.I want to write the most beautiful picture scroll of the world. 2.Pen:Defy the fishy smell wind and rain.Only be afraid that pen is not sharp
Two Little Poems 1.A Flaw in the Perfect 2.Net Serendipity
My understanding of the world is that the world there are two things,which one is perceptual things such as soul and religion and the other is rational things such as nature and science. Now I tell everybody my philosophy. There are three sorts of people in the world: From this theo...
You are the goddess I can't erase I always remember the ride home from school Because my parents were not at home I survived If you don't know how bad I drank Don't you know how my heart hurt Only leave the infinite memory of innocence
Six Little Poem 1.The Chickens' Fate 2.The Alone Desire 3.The Circle 4. A Moment in Space-Time 5. Life 6. The Wolf Has Come
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