Raquel Monday

Raquel Monday
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Author of Genre-bending Books
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Not all seeing is believing but when things vanish into thin air, one can't help but to think that there is more than meets the human eye.
All we really have is today, tomorrow is never promised to us and we must be ready to answer Creator's Call as swift as it may come. Ours is not to ask why but simply to accept and obey.
The Lipan Apache were a Tribe once thought to be extinct, descendants of that Tribe now step forward to reclaim what once was theirs...their heritage.
A simple lunch date can turn complicated with a flick of the wrist but can be salvaged with a kind gesture.
From half way around the world, a mother-son connect in a most unusual way. A very special gift arrives that puts the indisputable questions to the forefront. 'Is there truly a God? Can He be found anywhere? and Does He really hear the desires of our heart?'
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