Jami Duvall. M. A.

Jami Duvall.  M. A.
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Independent Researcher and Archive Consultant. History. Philosophy. Religion. Politics. All the stuff people get mad about, but shouldn't, because they are so important.
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Review of Norman Podhoretz. Ex-Friends. Falling Out with Allen Ginsberg, Lionel & Diana Trilling, Lillian Hellman, Hannah Arendt, and Norman Mailer. Norman Podhoretz has written a Memoir of his involvement with a number of famous people.
The Federal Government must apportion and levy its taxes on the States themselves, as originally envisioned in the Constitution. Anything else will soon result in the same tyranny. Let's rescind the damage done to the Constitution in 1913.
We can stand, stupidly, and watch as our civilization ends, to be replaced by a godless redistribution machine, or we must must articulate a more powerful vision, one that sweeps theirs, however well intentioned, back into the global warming Hell from whence it came. But we must do m...
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