Niki Glarakis

Niki Glarakis
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A self described creative thinker working in hospitality industry with knowledge in power of the mind, nutrition, entertainment, leisure and live music. I enjoy poetry and introspective writing.
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Recent pages by Niki Glarakis

A short poem in choosing to leave failures of the past to take on new possibilities in life
A short poem about the difficulty in keeping door closed on the past and allowing forgiveness to open new ones
A poem describing the power of being in nature and the benefits it brings
This article explains my personal experience in completely putting my past romance behind me.
Poetry about the people passing through life and looking to find the one that is for keeps.
My experiences with online dating and it has yielded so far
My experience about how to get through some of the emotional effects of feeling ill
A poem about finding that inner strength that goes beyond circumstances and personal effort.
A humorous outlook on the overly used word of love and it's confusing cousin, lust, with a little advise thrown in.
A poem about what it means to have true and meaningful friends in life.
Some very useful tips and guidelines for preventing the advancement of cold sores or fever blisters.
An article going over the different stages of letting go. It is based on personal experience and is offered as helpful advice to others going through the same thing.
The benefits of watching less television and how too much can affect you over a period of time
A poem that comes from my experience of having a wonderful and hard working mother through the good and bad times in my life
A poem about finding the peace and acceptance of where I am now in my life.
This is a fictional story about a young girl who attempts to welcome a new neighbor, one who is not quite what she seems and ends up in over her head.
This poem is about taking on the uncertainties of life and enjoying the present for what it is.
This poem symbolizes a dress that once mattered to me and came to mean that the process of letting go involved much more than just a dress.
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