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I am a retired female who has been writing for the past five years. My favorite topics are history and biographies.
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Summer is here and the sun is out so we need to protect our skin from the harmful rays of the sun to avoid skin cancer
Alcohol is a drug, which if taken in moderation can be enjoyable. However, when abused it can ruin mental, physical and sociological health.
The main reasons sited by childless couples for remaining so in many cases are due to economic and social factors
The Wimbledon tennis championship is the most prestigous of the four grand slam tournaments, steeped in tradition with its pristine perfectly manicured grass courts, snowy white outfits and royal patronage.
Wimbledon is regarded by those in the know as the greatest tennis tournament in the world and the only one to cling rigidly to its roots with perfectly manicured grass courts and compulsory snowey white rigout and royal patronage.
Men usually don't live as long as women, this is because as a general rule they tend to take less care of themselves, believing that it is somehow unmanly to visit their doctor just for a check-up and as a result many die prematurely.
As we grow older it becomes increasingly difficult to hold on to our youthful look. However, make up if applied correctly can help to bridge the gap.
Vinegar is a cheap and inexpensive way to achieve beautiful skin and hair.
Over the centuries many cultures have heavily influenced Indian cuisine, making it one of the commonest type of food which can be bought in almost every city on planet earth.
Some of us don't eat enougth fruits and some don't like vegetables, yet it can be a life saver if eaten regularly in the right quantity.
Dominique Strauss-Khan had a very powerful position on the world financial stage, as the director of the International Monatary Fund. He was set to stand against Sarkosy in the coming French general elections with a good chance of winning. That was before A recent sex scandal has ca...
Vivian Theadore Thomas worked for peanuts, although he was the inventor of a piece of apparatus that was used to save the lives of thousands, if not millions of blue babies during the 1940's.
Although we all look forward to the summer months when it comes it brings with it allergies which can spoil many people's enjoyment of the warmer weather.
The African-Caribbean folklore is filled with stories of zombies, ghouls and other characters from the nether world which has been past on from generation to generation filling each new listener with thrills, chills and more thrills.
Pineapple contains the enzyme Bromelain which has numerous health benefits
Aruba has some of the most beautiful beaches in The Cribbean region which has to be seen to be believed.
Osama BIn Laden was arguably the most hated individual on planet earth, but what could have motivated him to undertake such cruel acts of terrorism?
Many women approach the menopause with trepidation, without any real cause or reason. The menopaues is a perfectly natural porcess experienced by every female who live long enough to go through it.
Anne Boleyn was Henry VIII's second wife and the mother of Eilzabeth I. She reigned as queen for three years before Henry's eyes began to wonder once more. When he was tired of Anne he had her executed on the flimsiest, some say non-existent evidence so that he could marry Jane Seym...
Millions of babies die every year for lack of adequate antenatal care and not all the deaths occur in third world countries as one might think, many happen in the United States of America, Canada and the United Kingdom.
Honey has been used for thousands of years. The bees intention was to make honey for their own nurishment and along the way man was able to find his own uses for this precious and highly valued substance.
Apples originated in Asia and has been part of mankind history since 6500 BC. It is an effective eliminator of LDL cholesterol, lipids and fats in the blood stream.
The Tomato is the most popular cultivated fruit, although regardes as a vegetable. 130 milliom tons are produced worldwide each year, the great majority by China, most of which are produced for a specific purpose.
The Onion, as well as being the second most popular cultivated vegetable it is also full of health benefits not commonly known, plus ther are over 600 varieties to choose from
Thanksgiving is more important to the Americans than Christmas. It is a time when families gather from around the globe to be with each other and give thanks.
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