Tom Higgins

Tom Higgins
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I am relatively new to creative writing having only written my first poem about four years ago and before this I had never written more than a postcard.
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The "great" war was trumpeted as a fight for freedom but was it really, or was it merely a fight between the powers of Europe for dominance? In that fight many millions of young men gave their lives without really understanding what it was they were dying for.
Television talent shows attract a lot of people with real talent, and a lot more with that of the imagined kind. They always seem to have a cruel streak when they allow totally talentless people to appear in front of the cameras. I know it improves the ratings but it does smack of anc...
I was just thinking that every day governments meet world wide and discuss the retention of power and what they need to do to maintain their grip on it and still the elephant is in every one of their meeting rooms but they continue to ignore it.
I wrote this poem whilst I was thinking of life as being a journey along a hopefully long and winding road, and just thought how sad it must be to have to go through the journey all alone, so I thought what is needed to attract companionship is a happy countenance.
I cannot understand the mentality of anyone who believes that rhino horn is some sort of cure for any illness or that it has any use as an aphrodisiac, and the obsession that some of the world's population has with ivory is also a cause for much concern as is the slaughter of tigers a...
I stopped trying to use dieting alone and increased my exercise regime to make sure I walk as many miles per week as is comfortable for me and I have lost two stones three pounds in just over a year and I am still steadily losing weight.
I used to drive through Lakeland frequently and I would often pass through Grasmere on my travels, and I have always found her to be an absolute crowning jewel amongst the many jewels that exist in the English Lake District so I wrote a poem.
I wrote this following the death of a good friend who I never saw to speak to for weeks before he died.
I wrote this poem after thinking of how lonely it must be to live a life in isolation, and what you can do to try and make sure you don't.
I was thinking about the fact that we are all a conglomerate of tiny particles which joined together to make everything that we are aware of, and this poem was the result.
I wrote this on the day of the launch of the latest NASA probe to Mars "Curiosity."
We are very fortunate to live where we do on the fringe of the English Lake District where we are spoiled for choice by the sheer number of beautiful places we can visit within easy reach of our homes,but for most of these we need to travel some distance by car or other transport. The...
A little admission of personal responsibility in relation to my becoming heavier year on year, and my previous lack of effort to do anything physical to reduce my weight gain.
We are all sentient beings, and as such we rely upon our life experiences and the stored memories thereof to make us who we think we are, but unfortunately for a growing number of us this memory bank does not stay with us for the whole of our lives. We all probably have at least heard...
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