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Randy Tramp, Free Lance Writer,Newspaper Correspondent, Parent of 11 children (8 adopted), Traveled around the globe in the Navy, Safari in Africa, Worked at a Federal Prison
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Recent pages by randytramp

The traditions of the Filipino people. There are several celebrations of the Philippines.
This is my opinion on teens of today - What adults must do.
Carina has an emptiness in her being. What will she do to fill it?
This is my opinion of the war we should also wage against wrong ideology.
Billy West was a high school drop out. He walked the streets looking for trouble.
George is sitting at his desk remembering his sister, who took her own life.
Maggie has a disturbing vision. It affects Stan. Will he respond?
I was in the movie, Winds of War. This is my account.
It's not what goes inside a person that defiles him; it's what comes out.
A Yankton girl returns from her mission in Afghanistan.
The Israelis were about to enter the Promised Land, but bad reporting turned them back.
Stan has a strange dream. He sees a girl walk into the ocean.
Stan and Sharon are partners investigating a case. They stop at a Mexican Restaurant.
Hurricane Helena hit the Gulf shores in the 1980's. I was there and here is the account.
Stan has a flashback. It is a mystery. Who is the woman?
I go into Beatle Elementary School every Monday. Here is my experience.
City planner Steve Metli is retiring. He was a great visionary for the city of Sioux Falls, SD.
We can choose our own self motives or we can seek that of the Holy Spirit.
A fun sunny afternoon in the spring of 78. This is how I met my wife.
A fire at sea is a sailors worst nightmare. It taught me a life lesson.
Joey's dad builds him an android and let's him pick out the droid's personality. Joey soon finds out that his choice wasn't the best. He sees that variety is the spice of life, that when put together creates a much better world.
Jesus is the Great Shepherd -Follow Him and you won't be lost.
Jill is faced with a bully at school. An unexpected person comes to her aid.
I use to work at a Federal Prison. This is one story of one day that I wondered if I would finish.
Twins find a monkey and decide to keep it. They don't tell their parents and the trouble begins. They learn it's best to not keep those kind of secrets.
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