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My poetry comes from what i feel and what i observe
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fame is the name of the game, you dont matter unless you are an actor or some public icon. As the story goes we build people up as high as possible and trap them in the rules we think that they should abide by and when they breakdown, well that's better than idolizing them.
The reality that has been built and that most of us live in was not built with our best interest and its outraging that money is power. I think that this day in age we live in structures that have long been out dated.
This poem stems from what as a society we think is beautiful and the mixed messages being sent out to the public. I mean in america obesity and eating disorders are a major problem.
Fearing fear and the unknown this times we live in everything is fast and in the future. People not taking time for insight or self reflection for fear that no outside force or person will make them complete and that true happiness comes from with in.
The depths of enlightenment and depression go so far deep and help the human race to create beautiful things, but in the trenches of a depressive state it can be hard to find a way out. With a looming question of will there be a light at the end of a tunnel.
A house does not make it a home. With this poem I wrote about how I felt growing up in a dysfunctional home where I stuffed my feelings. Then I would go to school and be teased and treated like an outcast. So for me no place was safe and it made growing up rather difficult.
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