Don Rothra

Don Rothra
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I am a retired country music entertainer and published poet and song writer. I now specialize in writing limericks for publication.
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When you run out of beer, it's always nice to have friendly neighbors.
Child abduction has increased several times over in my lifetime. It's hard to understand how there could be people out there that would do such a thing.
If the federal government outlaws guns, the people who want to cause mass killings will turn to other methods.
This is a love poem that I wrote in 2003 about the beauty of love.
Written as a challenge from a fellow writer that I admire.
Some of the things we learned in school were misleading and contradictory.
Here are some things that have confused me in my 71 years on this earth. Humans are funny creatures.
Mamas have a way of passing on, Leaving only memories.
As a non-drinker, it is very hard to follow doctors orders.
Sometimes, when you reject a fair warning, you must pay the piper.
This lighthouse, Is located at Barcelona Harbor, approximently 30 miles east of Erie, Pennsylvania, on the New York shore of Lake Erie.
Prospectors in the Yukon live a harsh life in the cold. Many tales have been told about them.
Prospecting in the polar region is not the most comfortable work a man can do.
Poetry about the desert can be beautiful or it can scare a person to death.
Birds are very protective of their breeding areas in the early spring, even to the point of attacking their own reflection in a window.
Mother Nature has many moods and they are extreme in the desert. Survival on the desert is not garenteed to even those who live there.
This is poetry about working for pennies by writing articles on the internet. As a retiree, I find it amusing to put words together in poetic form.
When a loved one is missing, we only have our memory to go by.
We all have memories that we fall back on whenever we think of our younger years.
Memories of our childhood is all that we have. We can never go back and find what was.
We all have our dreams of what might have been. If I was born sooner, I would have been a cowboy.
Poetic explanation of how to live a clean life. It's all written down in a book called The Bible.
Everyone has a memory from the days of yore that they yearn for. But there's no going back.
A vow from a dying man to his wife that his love live on forever.
As time goes by and we get older, we find that we can still do what we used to, but at a slower speed.
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