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Rob Esmund
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I am a retired UK health professional with interests in health, nutrition, and weight-loss
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Many weight loss diets are way too complicated or too stringent for many people who have busy lives, to follow. Weight loss needs to be as simple as possible to be able to be incorporated into daily life...
Everybody knows of the importance of vitamins for health, but, should we taking supplements? Some say they are unnecessary if you have a healthy diet, but how many of us truly do? There may well be a case for supplements in some cases...
From about the age of thirty, most of us begin to show signs of our age on the skin of the face. Many would like to slow down this aging of the skin, and, indeed a whole industry of skincare products has arisen to try to do this. What are the key ingredients of a good skin cream?
The skin is often the first place you'll notice a deficiency in one or more vitamins. Healthy, glowing skin depends on a mix of many nutrients and several vitamins are essential.An adequate vitamin intake is necessary to avoid pallid skin, or blemishes, lines, and break-outs of spots....
The "humble" potato perhaps does not get the recognition it deserves. It is a much more nutritious food than many people realise, and amazing value for money in these days of rising food prices.
Emotional eating is the kind of over eating or snacking, often on unhealthy foods, due to sress or anxiety. It is a kind of displacement activity or comfort factor, that unfortunately can lead to unwanted weight gain. THere are ways to help reduce this problem...
If you or your partner has a tendency to snore during sleep at night time, then this has probably been a source of embarrassment or irritation to one, or the other. By understanding the causes you are better able to reduce snoring and to deal with the problem of sleep apnoea.
Many people want to, or need to lose weight but don't know where to start. Why not begin by setting an achievable weight loss goal, undertaken in your own time, and then build from there?
Most of us know that high cholesterol is a health hazard, tending to predispose towards artery and heart disease, and that many people in the Western world have high cholesterol. Doctors in general are seemingly dead set on plying us with Statins or similar drugs in an attempt to trea...
A dull complexion is a disadvantage to one's appearance. If we want to look attractive we need to take care of our skin, especially the skin of the face, the complexion. This article offers some advice.
If you have heard the term "antioxidant" but are not sure what it's all about, this article attempts a short explanation. Oxidation is a universal physiological process with potentially damaging end products, and antioxidants help to defuse the damage they may cause.
Giving up smoking is easy - once you have made up your mind to quit. The first hurdle to overcome is to accept that you must quit for your own health's sake. Once you commit to yourself to take action you simply have to find the best means of quitting for you, and there are ways and m...
Many dog owners are tempted to overfeed their dogs because they want to show how much they care for their pet, but, unwittingly, they may be doinf more harm than good. Being overweight is a health hazard for a dog as much as for a human.
Many people have taken on board the fact that saturated fats are bad for their health but are not sure why or what "saturated" means. This article offers a brief explanation.
Panic attacks areunderstandably quite frightening for those who suffer from them. The power of the mind though, is huge, and it is often possible to overcome the problem with a few simple ploys
Weight loss is hard for many of us and anything that can help is to be welcomed. The Hoodia patch cleverly combines the appetite suppressant effects of hoodia in a convenient and effective way - a patch.
Stress is a factor in modern life as it always has been, but is a different kind of stress from that faced by our ancestors. Stress not only affects the mind directly but can impact on other aspectsof daily life like trying to lose weight...
When trying to lose weight, it is very tempting to look for the easiest way, and manufacturers of diet or weight loss pills know this. Are they really any good?
Our brain is arguably our most important organ, the repository of our personality, and responsible for everything we do. We don't understand all of the brain's workings, but there are some factors to consider if you want your brain to perform as well as possible...
Fish oil may not sound exciting but it is an essential part of a healthy diet. Our bodies require certain substances found in nature that we cannot make enough of ourselves. Fish oil contains some of these vital substances.
Weight loss is simple in theory but quite difficult for many in practice. This article attempts to combine the fundamental principle with advice on a healthy diet.
Few people fail to be impressed by Apple's rise in computer technology, coupled with the ability to give people what they want. The Apple iPod is just an amazing concept, with portable computing and media playing power, that is superbly executed I'm saving for one!
Aspartame is ubiquitous, used in all kinds of diet drinks and manufactured foods, but is it really safe? There is a body of evidence that says not...
Snoring during sleep at night is very common, and often a source of embarrassment or friction between couples. Knowing what causes it helps to avoid or prevent it.
This is an article aimed at smokers, and for their benefit. The risks of smoking are well known, yet still many people, especially youngsters carry on - why?
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