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I'm a horror blogger, an astrologer, and a reviewer. I love history, especially haunted and horror history and the history of medicine.
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Christmas is Jesus Christ's Birthday, but you ask, "Where did all these Christmas trees, ornaments, mistletoe, and the stocking come from?". You will not believe where some of these traditions come from and how very intermingled Christmas is into all religions and all cultures. Many ...
Do you ever just get in the mood to watch Frankenstein movies all night? Well, you can watch all these movies concerning Frankenstein and those related to him in this article. Feel free to bookmark this and share it with others. All these movies are free to view online from your PC...
Instead of cluttering your movie shelf with tons of movies you can watch for free online, you can just bookmark them and watch them from your PC, laptop, or mobile device(s), whenever your heart desires! I'm going to share some movie classics with you to bookmark and share with frien...
There have always been horror and paranormal television series for as long as I can remember, but lately there have been more and more of these types of shows cropping up. How do you weed through what is quality and what is quantity? This article might help you in your selection.
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