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Linda Quest
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Born in the US, I lived in Europe for 28 years before returning home. Currently in Norfolk, Virginia. I teach, research and write about management, but use these pages for play!
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When a romantic holiday in Mallorca turns horrific, the author must act beyond what she thought she was capable.
Have you ever come back from a long absence and noticed how much things have changed? I enjoyed many a day on the beach as a child, pretending that mermaids exist. I come back to the same area years later to find environmental degradation.
The author reflects on a childhood growing up playing Barbie every day. There is the standard way to play Barbie...and then there is the wacky creative way. Read on to see Barbie like you've never seen her before.
You can't do everything at once, so be strategic about self-improvement. Focus on what works.
The author travels alone, for the first time in her life, to challenge herself after a break-up. Hiking across the beaches and cliffs of the French coast around Calais, she finds unexpected inspiration and personal renewal in the ruins of World War 2.
The rise of the Cougar lifestyle. It's not always intentional, But it is nearly always funny.
More shorty-short poems to chuckle over. Would love to know which ones you like more and which ones less...and why. Happy reading...
Some people are charismatic and exciting, but turn out to be shallow. Sometimes the real treasure is hidden deep under the surface of a reserved personality. You can't just dig it up and play with it, you have to let the owner of the treasure reveal it to you slowly, and you have to t...
Dear Wikinuts, I'm new at this...but you've encouraged me with your kind comments. And now you have created a monster: all week I have been vomiting poems! I tried different about some votes and critique? Which poem do you like best (and why, if you care to share) and wh...
Short poem reminding everyone including myself to keep thoughts on the right track in spite of challenges. And...managed to make every line end in -ate :-)
Sometimes life's good, at others it's worse. I like to observe it, and then put it in verse.
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