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Retired Contractor, 3 sons, 4 grand-kids. Will write on construction, remodeling, kids, personal and humorous stories, military, anything else, that I take an interest in.
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Recent pages by Vinman

Phyllis an elderly woman in an abusive relationship, teaches a young couple about love and compassion.
A smarter than her age five year old granddaughter, catches grandpa red handed, in a tale of youngster vs old man.
A true story of one old carpenters efforts to save a child from danger, only to be rescued himself.
Humorous tale of a two year old, who got into something she shouldn't have.
Conclusion to Swan Dive-A construction workers humorous tale, of a near fatal plunge off a scaffold.
Part Two tells the story of an unlucky helicopter crew, trying to make it back to town, and the tale of the Flannel Kite.
While siding a three story home, perched on an 800' bluff, a construction worker encounters a few humorous events, ending in a dangerous, but lucky plunge.
The final conclusion to Smokin' Camels. How a young man learned math from smoking, and the death of his instructor.
A young boys experience of learning math through smoking, and the resulting health effects.
A humorous tale of learning math through smoking, which ends in health problems for both parties, and ones death from cancer.
A humorous story, about my grandfather teaching me math through smoking, and the eventual effects on our health and his death from cancer.
A young boys adventure, with a Dairy Farm Bull, during summer vacation to the family farm in Idaho.
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