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I like to write in my spare
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Faith comes more quickly when you hear yourself quoting, speaking, and saying the things God said. So then faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God" Rome 10:17
Lord, I don't want to fear you for the wrong reasons, but for the right ones---to stand in awe because of who you are. For you are Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.
We all have a history, but to me people repeat history because if it wasn't for people we wouldn't have a history. People need to let go and stop trying to repeat other people history.
Dear Lord, help me, oh Gracious Father to not be caught up in religion, but to be caught up in spirit; Your Holy Spirit that we might be more effectual in our prayers and be obedient to you.
We suppose to treat people the way we want to be treated. You suppose to love our sisters and brothers in Our Heavenly Father Eyes.
Free me from any lingering effects of my involvement and help to trust you completely for my future.
Jesus is the Lord and the giver of life. Help me to respect, protect, and nurture it no matter what color, no matter what age, no matter what gender of human being I encounter.
But we can't do anything about it as they come in forms of our relatives, neighbors, friends, and in-laws.
I thank God for helping me raise my two sons, if it wasn't for God for turning them around I don't know how I would of made it. Thank you Father.
The way people act, change, emotions, I thoughts when you are friends; friends are forever especially when you talk to each other every day. Tell me something is life a big joke or is it I can't trust you as far as I can see you.
Where we have our mind on today? Is it to do good or bad; our mind need to be set on helping someone that need our help.
Some things do not work out as we plan, never give up and thank God any way for what He has done.
Helping people some times that not good enough, because they still can do you wrong only thing you can do is pray for them.
Our life is like a roller coaster it goes up and down, nothing stay the same.
People who think their in control, but God words whom should you fear. No one should control God people and no one should be afraid.
Negative or positive which is the better way to think.
We all need to grow in our mind we will never know it all.
We all have to make that choice to do good or bad not tomorrow, nor yesterday but today.
Sister and brothers never like to see anyone happy always in somebody business. Move on sibling this time you can't tier my life down I have Jesus in my life, and nothing you can do to make me unhappy.
Lord, you give us the power to bless our children, through our example, our teaching, our love, and our prayers.
We have to follow God Rule to seek his success those where God rules.
People needs to live their own life, we can't live two lives God gave us a choice to do good or bad, we have to pick one or the other.
Things you remember to do or notice when you do remember and adopt the attitude that you never forget.
The way you plan and present your speech can determine the number of audience member who will stay with you until the end.
The author notes that when we learn how to learn, we gain a skill that is valued by employers.
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