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Heather Hall shares 30 years of practical, sales, marketing, project managing and Fire Safety Co-ordination experience with her clients. Heather has helped people achieve their Fire Safety obligations
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If you live in a Purpose Built Block of Flats or a converted House into Flats you should have a Fire Safety Risk Assessment for your common areas. Included in the Fire Safety Risk Assessment will be a Fire Safety Emergency Plan. This will outline the Emergency procedure for your Londo...
The cost of a Fire Safety Risk Assessment varies from a £99 check list to £100’s depending on the size and complexity of the Premise – but how do you know if it is a suitable and sufficient Fire Safety Risk Assessment? If you use an Internet search engine 1,000’s of Risk Asses...
Question: Why should I pay for a Fire Safety Risk Assessment by a qualified Risk Assessor when I or one of my team can do it? Answer: Read the case study below and you may change your mind!!!!
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