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I enjoy writing poetry and keeping up to date on current political trends. I have a strong Christian faith and try to blend the three in a way that will make others think.
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My personal feelings of the suffering so many families are forced to endure. In today's society it seems that if a family does not earn enough money they must no longer exist as a family. We have very few options left open to help a family remain together while going through some of...
It is hard to be homeless, yet sometimes the homeless know a lot about what makes people great.
These words of strength; truth, hope, faith and kindess give us strength to love no matter what we are faced with.
When will we reach the point where we realize that pride, greed and self-esteem is not nearly as valuable as humility, charity and self dignity?
I have tried to tie together the natural, political and economical problems the Midwest region of the United States is currently facing.
This is a poem about how our ecological system has a way of knowing what it has to do. If we strip a mountain clean of its natural resources when the rains come it will be a disaster. I think the strip mining that was done in the past is a perfect example of it. I'm not saying we s...
We see life around us through a window that is called the five senses. I have referred to that window in this poem as the window of my mind. Life will always have pain and joy. Often the pain can be used to help us see clearly a greater joy.
I was reminded of a poem I wrote years ago after reading an article by Songbird B. Although this poem deals with helping others in a monetary way, I believe it applies to the help we give to others in an emotional way as well. The article I am referring to by Songbird B is titled "P...
These are two poems I have written, the first is titled "A place in the past". The second is titled "Dreams". We often look back on things we have done with regret. That's life. I think what is more important than regretting things we have no way of changing is to occupy our pre...
Just a poem about creativity. I would like to share with others the kind of creative spirit I am seeking.
A poem about the parallel between God and nature. Often we are wanting to see all that nature and God has to offer. Yet to do so would be far more than any mortal man or woman could ever withstand. Sometimes it is better to appreciate the awesome power and beauty that both God and ...
Just a short poem about what we might see if we had a birds eye view of an average city.
Their are often many differences to a single issue. These differences often become larger than the issue by the way they are expressed. Which is why I wrote this poem. All to often the way our differences are expressed is more important than the facts they present.
We have gone from the dawn of the industrial age, right on through to the explosion of technology. Which in turn has lead us to a global neighborhood. How much have we done to show our ablity to care for others within this new community? Where are the fruits of our labor? I agree ...
Throughout the history of the United States of America their has always been times when its citizens are confused and doubting one another. That is understandable since after all it has become known as the "melting pot of the world". Yet through the generations, it has always manag...
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