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This place is no joy,but of pain ,day and night of shouting pain,and suffering for over,over of years.Its a place of no rest for pain,but eternally suffered.
Children are God's love,small or great God loves them.Their heart are not harden while adult are hard heart . Children are need to know about Christ,while they are not grow up,they need to teach about Christ gospel.
Once we are saved we are eternally saved.Jesus the only one who will save us,because he is the one who came and died for our sin.
Acknowledge your self that you are a sinners and turn to Jesus.,Why because there is hell and God wants you to be saved and not perish in hell. There is hell so time for you to repent from what you believe wrong.
Jesus is the true way to heaven and the only one who died for sin.
Jesus was born to be the savior of all sinners.He is the way to heaven that is why He came to save us died at the cross to be forgiven of our sin.
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