Maria Papadopoulou

Maria Papadopoulou
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I am a certified health visitor and i also hold two bachelor degrees in translation as well as a bachelor degree in subtitling.

I have been working successfully as a professional freelance translator and proofreader with several prestigious translation agencies since 2005. Writing was already an essential part of my job as a translator and proofreader, so freelance writing came very naturally.I am the Helium Channel Manager for Greece Destination Guides, at

Being an avid reader, i read almost everything from literature and poetry to science and social science. I strongly believe in the tremendous power of the written word, and i do my best to absorb like a sponge everything related to it.

I write to understand and express myself better. It never ceases to amaze me how many things i discover about myself and others while writing and how unbelievably healing it is to share what i have learnt with others. I think all those ideas that keep floating around in my head on a daily basis would be too overwhelming for me if i couldn't express them somehow. Writing gave me the creative outlet i was looking for. I didn't actually choose writing, writing chose me. I don't know where this journey will lead me, but i will certainly do my best to enjoy the ride!
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