Diane M. Davis

Diane M. Davis
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I'm am a middle-aged mother of two grown kids, AZ native. I love cats, crocheting, and reading. I have five years of writing and editing experience. I've had 10 short stories published in e-zines.
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Learning how to argue effectively can improve your relationships. In this article I share things that I have learned over the years.
More and more of our youth are turning away from the church. This article proposes a cause and a solution.
There are many companies out there ready to take advantage of aspiring authors who are anxious to get published. This article relates my experience with a new one on the market, Phyllis Scott Publishing aka Phyllis Scott Enterprises.
An incident convinces a man it's time for grandma to go to a senior care facility.
A few of my favorite poems from my portfolio in honor of Easter.
A recent experience at Ruby Tuesday's left me less than impressed. Read how management responded to make a dissatisfied customer into a big fan.
A couple struggles with the loss of their young child and an evil spirit takes advantage of their grief to try to gain a foothold in their life.
An old lady gets upset with her stubborn husband who won't speak to her when he's mad at her.
A young man with a stutter loses a talisman that his grandfather gave him when he was a boy.
I remember some sweet memories from growing up in the 60s and 70s. Simple pleasures in a simpler time in a quiet neighborhood where everyone knew everybody. Here I share a little reminiscence.
If I could send a letter back to the me of twenty years ago, this is what it would look like. I wrote this a year ago. Since then I have joined a gym and Weight Watchers. I've resolved to approach my weight problem with a sensible, workable regimen of exercise and healthy food habits....
A couple loses their son in the war, then one day they get back a piece of him unexpectedly.
Sometimes appearances can be decieving. This is a short story set in 19th century New England about a serving girl suspected of stealing from her employer.
A mother wants to mend her relationship with her daughter before it's too late. Will her daughter let stubbornness rob her of the peace that forgiveness can bring.
This is a short story about a woman who gets a second chance with the guy of her dreams.
Going through her dead mother's things, a young woman finds a diary with her mother's handwriting, but in a foreign language she never heard her mother speak. Should she get it translated or leave the past where it was?
A woman's insecurity comes to a head when her husband's first wife shows up unexpectedly.
A washed-up recording star is visited by her manager, a man who is determined to restart her career.
Bitterness drives the youngest brother away, but some ties are stronger than blood. A young man learns something about family on the anniversary of his father's death.
I'm so tired of hearing about the personal lives of celebrities.
Is technology handicapping us? Are we raising a generation who can't make change? In this brief essay I share my thoughts on some of the drawbacks of technology.
Finding contentment with who you are may be a matter of finding the right mate. In this short nonfiction essay I share my personal journey to self-acceptance and happiness.
Do you use less than 500 airtime minutes a month? Have you been trying to find a cellphone plan that gives you the coverage you need for a reasonable price? I've found a service that does it all.
After struggling with tobacco addiction for 30 years, I finally found the key to quitting for good. It's free and it's fairly simple, and anyone can do it.
Here are some tips for wetnursing a newborn kitten, learned through personal experience. If you have any questions or problems, consult a veterinarian.
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