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Agnes Chin
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A full time working mum of 2 kids who love blogging, read, bake, write and share my findings whenever I can. I appreciate to receive you comment and feedbacks on my articles.
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Younger look with new lipstick. The choice of colour is the main factor to consider to achieve the look you want.
Making hotel reservation has becoming so much convenient through the internet nowadays. Besides checking on prices and other information, we are able to see the pictures and room arrangements of the hotels.
If you are in search of an effective health supplement for yourselves and your family, please seriously consider the Patagonian Maqui berries juice.
Ginger is one of the main ingredients needed in steaming fishes in oriental cooking to get rid of the fishy smell. What if you can not find a piece of ginger in your kitchen, will you still proceed to put your favourite fish in the steamer?
Cooked sago is tasteless when eaten on its own. however, sago is a much sought after ingredient in many of the pudding and dessert recipes, particularly in South East Asia Countries.
It would be Christmas in 14 days. Are you in a Christmas mood? Have you got everything ready for Christmas??
Do you suffer from having dandruff? There is a probable cure for it.
A common home cooked meehoon recipe that I normally cook and serve for my family.
Though I am working in the health care related industry, I have never heard of blood type diet. It is interesting to know how diet can affect each blood group.
The simplest method I have ever come across in making a fruit cake. Love it. A recipe perfect for Christmas and New Year for the whole family and friends to enjoy in this season.
Coffee enema is well known for its liver detoxification purposes.
A home baked fresh from oven birthday cake just for me on my birthday.
Women-only bus services was introduced by one of the bus operator in Malaysia yesterday for a trial run till end of December 2010.
My family is a pancake lover. I always think and look for ideas to cook pancakes for us to enjoy especially during lazy weekends. This is a recipe which I used again and again, it produces nice pancakes without failed.
Everyone kind of know it what are the dos and don’ts about after extracting a tooth, but what it is all about??
This is another version of cotton sponge cake that I made with a more heavier texture..
Just as the title of this article, this is the best Cotton Sponge Cake recipe I have ever made. I have finally got what I have been searching for….
Cross stitches used to be my favourite hobbies, and also my passion until now. It gave me great sense of accomplishment when I finished each and every one of my project.
A short stay at Kasih Sayang Health Resort was a wonderful and refreshing experiences..
Stress and tired over office work and house chaos? Worry over unpaid debts? Everything does not seems to be right? It’s time for me to Stop!! Start to count my blessings!!
No electrical beater, no oven needed for this easy and yummy steamed brown sugar cupcake…
Itchy throat and phlegmy cough? Try this traditional remedy.
I would like to share my Fried Meehoon with Sausages & Mixed Vegetable which I normally serve for breakfast or lunch.
I believe a lot of us out there are striving to earn more money to supplement our part time or full time income, these are some of the ways we could explore..
This cake is made with green tea powder or popularly known as matcha. It is a great recipe for green tea lovers. Worth giving it a try, you will love it.
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