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I love Taylor Swift, Pink, Purple, Pizza, French Fries, Ice Cream, Chocolate, Cake, Water, yes, food. :D
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This is quite simple for old tumbloggers, but to new at, this might be very helpful.
A puzzle game that's worth to download. It needs deep thinking and it's fun to play. :)
College is important, and choosing which path to enter is a great factor of having a better future.
Less educated people are asking, "Why is college degree very important?".
One of the best Android Phones in the Philippine Market today, cheaper yet very satisfying.
Employers require NSO (National Statistics Office) Birth Certificate prior to hiring the applicants. But many of us don't have enough time to go to their office. But because of technology, you can do it online!
Acknowledgements or annotations are very common cases in the Philippines. Getting an NSO Authenticated Birth Certificate of this complicated case is not as simple as getting a regular authenticated document at NSO.
Few people misunderstand the meaning of serving the public, which simply means serving for the good and the welfare of the community.
After a stressful week or month, give yourself and your family a treat to have an adrenalin rush vacation at Dahilayan Adventure Park!
As a student, or a researcher, some information are on the loose that might be lost in some point in time. This software helps you saving a webpage as a PDF file which may be a great help for you.
New in photo editing? Here's an easy way on how to vintage effect your photo.
Wondering how to add images at Read below on how!
A poem dedicated to my only love, Ronil. :"> Personally Written by the author.
Camiguin Island has many tourist attractions that has to offer to its visitors, one of these is the White Island.
Nowadays, Android and iOS are one of the world’s most famous mobile platforms being used by people. These are operating systems designed and developed by Google and Apple, Inc., respectively.
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